Cascais, 2019

The aim was to create a feminine and contemporary space that would convey a serene, comfortable but also innovative environment.
The choice of color was of fundamental importance to materialize the concept described above, another of the ideas we wanted to emphasize was the natural character, not only of the products that would be available but also in the materials used. The choice of wood with an “invisible” finish and straw arise in that sense. The straw used in front of the cabinets we designed was chosen because in addition to being of high aesthetic and feminine value, it is a technique or art that is part of Portuguese and Brazilian culture, and the shape of the arched cupboards highlights these elements of the whole emphasizing the products .
Type: Interior and furniture design | Client: SISU | Team: Margarida Matias, Catarina Macedo, Marianne Ventre. | Photography: Rodrigo Cardoso.