S. Bento

LISBON, 2015

Located in S. Bento neighbourhood, this is a renovation and interior design project, designed for short term rental, that mixes the features of tradicional Lisbon’s construction with the aesthetics for the contemporary home.

The architectural intervention was founded in a pragmatic strategy, the goal was to improve the habitably of the apartment trough the improvement of the natural light and air quality, therefore the need to reorganise the inner space became a priority and the way of using the space was inverted.

The bedroom, once an inside room- with no windows- was transformed into an open kitchen, in direct dialogue with the living room, and the old kitchen, which privileged the morning light and the quiet of the back of the building became the bedroom, the other spaces and architectural elements were renovated maintaining the original character.

Type: Architecture, decoration and furniture design | Partnership: Ayh.pt | Photographer: Rodrigo Cardoso