Penha de França

Located in Penha de França in Lisbon, this is a cost-controlled architectural renovation and interior design project for a private client. The main intention of the project was to characterise the space in a personalised way, reflecting the soul of those who inhabit it, without extrapolating the initial budget.

The renovation project embraces the complete renovation of the apartment, proposing the reuse of the existing elements: floors, doors, windows, technical rooms, for control of costs, and at the same time maintain the original layout of the building. The kitchen and bathroom appear as an exception to this strategy, re-drawing both spaces by incorporating contemporary and minimalist elements.

The interior design/ decoration project reuses furniture elements and owner’s objects, which have been combined with new acquisitions, in order to build a personalised space with minimalist and contemporary charisma. In this way, a house has been achieved that reflects personal universe and conveys the sensitivity of those who inhabit it, highlighting singular experiences and tastes.

Type: Architecture, decoration and furniture design | Client: Private | Photographer: Rodrigo Cardoso