Decoration heritage

13 September 2015
by Margarida Matias

The materials that we are highlighting today are tiles and ceramic tiles because of their aesthetic and functional characteristics for architecture and interior design. And also due to the importance that this material has manifested as an element used extensively in Portugal, thereby it has generating a particular character in national architectural and decorative aesthetics.
In Portugal the tiles begin to have a purely decorative use, which was quickly adopted for architecture due to its functional and lasting usefulness.
Due to its qualities: waterproofing sealing, cooling, low maintenance and durability; they become key factors that make this material an element that is present in the everyday atmosphere of everyone. The tiles and ceramic tiles take on as a great finish to the walls and floor.
Therefore, we would like to highlight two types of ceramic tiles: glazed tiles and hydraulic mosaics, due to its high aesthetic character. Patterns, rhythms and ambiences that they provide are widely exploited by us, whenever it becomes relevant, introducing this product in an innovative and creative way.
We consider ceramic tiles an excellent material due to its aesthetic, functional, and durability characteristics also because they reveal the cultural values associated to our architectural tradition.
Let’s fall in love and discover them!


Fotografia: Rodrigo Cardoso Photography.