11 June 2017
by Margarida Matias

Arkstudio as a multi-disciplinary platform embraces different challenges ranging from collaboration with various professionals or exploring various disciplines and areas of intervention.

This time we are sharing the styling we have made for the photoshoot recently done with the photographer Rodrigo Cardoso for The Lisboans, short rental apartments in the center of Lisbon. 

We consider styling as complementary to architecture and decoration and it becomes fundamental for photoshoots. Styling  requires prior planning and careful attention to detail.

Type: styling / Client: The Lisboans / Photography: Rodrigo Cardoso.

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07 May 2017
by Margarida Matias

We were recently invited by the magazine máxima to share our inspirations and trends for the new season- Spring / Summer 2017.

The invitation was accepted with great pleasure and the result of this partnership was excellent. We are extremely grateful to be one of the three women chosen to integrate this fantastic supplement that is full of good taste and inspiration!

19 August 2016
by Margarida Matias

A Casa C’ alma is our latest decoration project for a guesthouse A Casa C’ Alma located in Praça das Flores, Lisbon.

The guesthouse facilities are in an old building which was previously renovated and belongs to a tradicional neighbourhood with small curvy streets, town houses, squares and trees, therefore the aim of this project is to enhance the old character of the “old” family houses.

Like in the domestic Portuguese culture, which gives an extreme importance to the kitchen, many persons describe it as the center of the house – it heart- where every one meets and socialize. We were inspire and gave a special attention to this assumption.  The choice of the decoration for the kitchen was carefully chosen and the glass display case was treated carefully like a “cabinet de curiosities” mixing functional every day objects with precious findings…

We really hope you like it!!

Type: Decoration and furniture design/ Client: A Casa C’ Alma/ Photographer: Rodrigo Cardoso 

05 March 2016
by Margarida Matias

Recently, we have been asked to be part of a article for french press that aims unveil new Portuguese designers and creative talents. The result is finally out and we are very grateful with our review from Celine Almeida, Residences Decoration, 129- Avril- Mai, 2016.

“Sur le ring, 16 architectes et designers emblématiques de leur génération. D’un côté, les descendants des maestri, de l’autre les héritiers de l’école de Porto. Et puis… Si à l’heure de la mondialisation, de la dématérialisation des contenus et des réseaux sociaux, la rivalité lusitano-ibérique avait disparu au profit d’un clivage beaucoup plus idéologique ? D’un côté, cooptation, humanisme et réflexion environnementale, de l’autre, recherche industrielle, expérimentation urbaine et utilitarisme.”

“Arkstudio – L’enfant prodig(u)e”

“Diplômée de l’Ecole supérieure des arts et du design de Caldas da Rainha, son master d’architecture en poche, Margarida Matias quitte Lisbonne pour Copenhague où elle restera 6 ans… De retour dans sa ville natale, la jeune lisboète fonde Ark Studio, une plateforme multi- disciplinaire dédiée à l’architecture, à la rénovation et à la décoration intérieure. « Nous plaçons l’humain au cœur de nos recherches et de notre travail, pour créer des espaces qui puissent concilier une expérience poé- tique avec la clarté conceptuelle et la précision du pro- jet, explique t-elle. Ce qui nous motive ? La conception d’espaces agréables et les idées innovantes. » Une ap- proche humaniste de l’architecture qui se conjugue avec une véritable expertise en matière de nouvelles technologies et une solide connaissance de son patri- moine (www.arkstudio.pt).”

13 September 2015
by Margarida Matias

The materials that we are highlighting today are tiles and ceramic tiles because of their aesthetic and functional characteristics for architecture and interior design. And also due to the importance that this material has manifested as an element used extensively in Portugal, thereby it has generating a particular character in national architectural and decorative aesthetics.
In Portugal the tiles begin to have a purely decorative use, which was quickly adopted for architecture due to its functional and lasting usefulness.
Due to its qualities: waterproofing sealing, cooling, low maintenance and durability; they become key factors that make this material an element that is present in the everyday atmosphere of everyone. The tiles and ceramic tiles take on as a great finish to the walls and floor.
Therefore, we would like to highlight two types of ceramic tiles: glazed tiles and hydraulic mosaics, due to its high aesthetic character. Patterns, rhythms and ambiences that they provide are widely exploited by us, whenever it becomes relevant, introducing this product in an innovative and creative way.
We consider ceramic tiles an excellent material due to its aesthetic, functional, and durability characteristics also because they reveal the cultural values associated to our architectural tradition.
Let’s fall in love and discover them!


Fotografia: Rodrigo Cardoso Photography.